Our Core Offerings

Career Branding

Career Branding generates a "Yes! I want that person on our team" response in the reader. It compels them to take action to speak with you.

Clarifying your message attracts employers and hiring influencers.

We guide you in identifying the combination of personal attributes, values, strengths, and passions that people know you for and that produce the value you offer and provide.

Personal branding brings all the pieces together, and communicates a crystal clear, consistent message across multiple channels – online and offline – that differentiates your unique promise of value.e

Productive Networking Fast Track

Between 60% to 80% of hiring is done through networking. And, in a slower economy, the percentage of hires done through networking rises.

Through productive networking you:

  • Uncover the “hidden job market”
  • Connect with hiring decision makers and hiring influencers
  • Increase the probability of getting hired and reduce the time it takes to get a job
  • Learn to network effectively in volume.

We teach you the proven process! You build confidence in what to say, how to prepare, how to gain interest. You learn communication frameworks to conduct productive networking conversations.

It works. I’ve gotten great jobs over 10 times doing this. My clients have gotten thousands of jobs doing this.

Interviewing & Compensation Negotiation

Win the interviews and get what you want. This program is all about building your skills and confidence at both interviewing and compensation negotiation.

You’ll optimize your skills for rapidly building rapport. You will learn how to answer questions confidently and concisely.

You will increase your persuasion and influence skills. Interviewers see and feel that you are the right fit for the job.

Gain clarity on what you want in compensation and benefits and how to get it. This is how you give yourself a raise and close the deal!

Maximum Value

Core Bundled Offerings

For maximum value, we offer bundled services that combine the key methodologies of Career Branding, Networking Fast Track and Interviewing & Compensation Negotiation. The bundles are offered in three formats to meet your specific needs.

Dream Job Fast Track Course

This multi module online course allows you to learn the job hunting process independently. You will be guided through how to create an impactful resume, quantify your accomplishments, gain insight on key interview questions and techniques. You will also receive a powerful set of tools to establish goals and maintain action on your job search process.

Dream Job Accelerator

Work in a collaborative group with other job seekers to define your brand and accomplishments. Rick Allen serves as the coach for the group and helps you learn critical networking strategies as well as powerful interviewing skills. The group serves as a support network for one another as you move forward to your next career success.

Elite Fast Track

Our premiere offering that again brings together all components: career branding, networking, interviewing and compensation negotiation. This is a highly tailored 1:1 program. You will work directly with Rick Allen on a continuous basis to accelerate your career progression. This elite program is ideal for professionals who are at an executive level or ready to move there.

Introductory Offerings

Getting Started

We recognize that you may be in the early stages of contemplation on your job search and career strategy. These offerings let you experience our capabilities in an introductory capacity. They also serve as great inputs to our core service offerings and high value service bundles.

Crafting your resume

Take the first step to create a resume that helps you on the path to your new job and successful career move. Ensure your resume includes the key components and position yourself for success.

Interviewing intro

Learn the essentials tools to take with you into your next interview. Includes focus on key questions to ask and to be prepared for so that you can be a polished promoter for yourself and your capabilities.

getting noticed

Transform your list of career steps into quantified accomplishments. Learn how to formulate your skills and experience into powerful quantified accomplishments that help to get you noticed .

Why Choose Us ?

Committed to You

Our career coaches are highly trained with depth and breadth of experience to help clients tackle the critical challenges that lie underneath the obvious issues. We help you find the true challenges to work through to realize success.

We deliver deep, proven experience. We support clients in their growth and the achievement of their highest goals. We know how to help with issues beyond the superficial tactics of simply reorganizing their resume and LinkedIn profile.

We help people gain awareness of their value. We help you secure recommendations and testimonials that validate the work you have done. We have a record of helping people reframe and elevate their views and beliefs about themselves and their capabilities.

We inspire possibility thinking and positive self-talk. Our clients talk about self-realizations and breakthroughs in how they view themselves as a result of working with us. Working with us, you will gain the awareness that you are empowered and powerful. Empowered clients make powerful changes in their own lives and that has a positive effect on the teams they join or are part of already, in both work and in life.


We have a proven track record to help our clients grow and meet their goals. Our clients believe in our services and we help them believe in themselves.


Our founder brings more than 22 years of recruiting experience and 20 years of career coaching. We bring deep training in applied cognitive, behavioral science, and positive psychology training.


Our focus is on helping you achieve positive change in your career and your life. When we work together, our mission is to guide you to achieve your desired outcomes. You will build a career that aligns with your core values and talents.

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