About Us

Rick Allen

Our Founder

Rick is known for helping his clients get results in a timely manner.

Better career moves, faster career trajectory, and improved compensation. Our results focused processes help our clients upgrade their jobs and careers.

He brings more than 20 years of experience with recruiting, coaching and helping people move their careers and their lives in the direction they want to go. Rick has a broad understanding of multiple industries and professional career paths.

Most of all he cares deeply about making a difference in the lives of the people he serves.

Our Expertise

  • Helped more than 1,800 obtain new jobs and careers

  • Expansive industry knowledge including technical, financial services, telecommunications, software development, marketing, healthcare, sales and more

  • Experience working with privately held companies including start-ups, mid-size companies and family owned enterprises
  • More than twenty years as a recruiter and recruiting consultant

  • Led creation and development of executive level training programs to help recruiters succeed in helping others

  • Proven ability to teach, mentor and coach people in their skill development and effective utilization of skills to increase their confidence, leadership and productivity
  • Promoted clients in their ability to dramatically increase their compensation

  • Apply proven process to help you get the job, career and life you want in every area: income, network reach, leadership and joy in work and life as a whole

  • Beyond classic recruiting, we bring extensive psychological training to apply hypnotherapy and NLP coaching in conjunction with traditional models

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Our Approach

Proven and Successful Model for Change

We help people build new careers that align with their talents and core values.

For a coach to help you make a powerful difference in your life, they must have developed their own, teachable point of view and their personal model for change - not just a regurgitation of the coaching concepts that others have put forward but their own combination of concepts and frameworks. These concepts about how people change need to reveal the coache's own unique language, perspective, creativity, and ideas for how to move the needle on a particular challenge or problem. The coach needs to be a good problem solver that has years of experience helping people make the changes in mindset and behavior that help them produce the outcomes they want in their lives. And for the coach to be a right fit with you, their model for change needs to speak to you directly, and have proven efficacy in addressing the types of challenges you are experiencing.

Why Choose Us ?

Committed to You

Our career coaches are highly trained with depth and breadth of experience to help clients tackle the critical challenges that lie underneath the obvious issues. We help you find the true challenges to work through to realize success.

We deliver deep, proven experience. We support clients in their growth and the achievement of their highest goals. We know how to help with issues beyond the superficial tactics of simply reorganizing their resume and LinkedIn profile.

We help people gain awareness of their value. We help you secure recommendations and testimonials that validate the work you have done. We have a record of helping people reframe and elevate their views and beliefs about themselves and their capabilities.

We inspire possibility thinking and positive self-talk. Our clients talk about self-realizations and breakthroughs in how they view themselves as a result of working with us. Working with us, you will gain the awareness that you are empowered and powerful. Empowered clients make powerful changes in their own lives and that has a positive effect on the teams they join or are part of already, in both work and in life.



We have a proven track record to help our clients grow and meet their goals. Our clients believe in our services and we help them believe in themselves.


Our founder brings more than 22 years of recruiting experience and 20 years of career coaching. We bring deep training in applied cognitive, behavioral science, and positive psychology training.


Our focus is on helping you achieve positive change in your career and your life. When we work together, our mission is to guide you to achieve your desired outcomes. You will build a career that aligns with your core values and talents.

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