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Our clients want to upgrade their jobs and careers. We help them achieve their dreams. Using our proven methodologies, our clients successfully transition to higher paying jobs and careers.

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We help people build careers that align with their talents and values

Our results producing programs help our clients successfully achieve their next career move. You benefit from the action-oriented frameworks and tools that we have developed over decades of experience in helping professionals move their careers to the next level of success.


We have a proven track record to help our clients grow and meet their goals. Our clients believe in our services and we help them believe in themselves.


Our founder brings more than 22 years of recruiting experience and 20 years of career coaching. We bring deep training in applied cognitive, behavioral science, and positive psychology training.


Our focus is on helping you achieve positive change in your career and your life. When we work together, our mission is to guide you to achieve your desired outcomes. You will build a career that aligns with your core values and talents.


What Our Client Say

Client satisfaction is our greatest measure of success.

You can trust Rick. I certainly do. Rick’s career coaching actually helped my increase my income by over $300,000. Sounds wild, right? It sure has been! I was stuck in an underpaid & overworked job. A lot of my friends are also in that situation. I wanted to make more money and I wanted more choices. I didn’t know what to do. That changed when I contacted Rick and we did some coaching together. We talked about what I want. Rick asked some questions and shared some ideas and he helped me put together a plan. Rick also really helped me clarify the value I bring to companies. We practiced the interview process. Boom! I got what I wanted and more. Best Return on my Investment ever!! What do you want? If you want results, Contact Rick and get started getting what you want!


If you want a positive change in your career and life, then work with Rick Allen in one of his groups as soon as you can.

It’s this simple: IT WORKS! It worked for me, it worked for my best friend, it worked for her husband. It can work for you! Doing the processes and following the fun and amazingly effective and easy to apply system Rick has works. We all change the channel on our TVs, Radios, music, etc. Rick helped me change the channel on my self-talk. He helped me change my career “channel” to one I like. Take the workshop!


I got results immediately. Rick’s processes helped me get past being stuck. I created a clear list of what I wanted during the workshop. I created a plan for upgrading my job during the seminar. I started taking action! Consistent action. I felt supported, connected and inspired to take action to get what I wanted. As a result of taking that consistent action, I got two job offers! I took the one that was best for me. My salary increased 37%. My vacation time increased by 50%. My free personal time available outside my job increased by 10 hours per week! I highly recommend you work with Rick. It’s been the best thing I have done for myself in years!


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